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I am a UNIX sysadmin and a hobbyist coder from Rijeka, Croatia. You can read about what makes me tick, below, and in the journal.


This winter I'm attending "NSND 2013" in Moravice from 20-22nd of December. Following that is another "NSND" anti-conference probably in Belgrade sometime in May. Last few years NSND in Moravice was great, so I'm sure it will be fun.

Some things that keep me occupied...

I maintain translations for Gajim, Comix and VDR. I was also involved in translation of "Slackware Linux Essentials" to Croatian, which was never finished; we are only 3 chapters away so please contact me if you are willing to contribute.

There are some projects I made Slackware packages for. Most are outdated or deleted, that's because you can now find them in repositories like slacky or linuxpackages. There are some SlackBuilds or Arch PKGBUILDs but I mostly moved to the AUR.

I use awesome, a "framework" window manager, configured and extended with the Lua programming language. My own awesome configuration and libraries are available here. After some years of using FVWM2 and Ion I switched to tiling full time. You should read the Ion manifesto as tiling WM's could just be the thing you were searching for. My old fvwm config inspired by QNX Photon is still available.

Recent public projects

vicious - widget library for window managers
play - curses front-end for various audio players
vimperatorrc - my vimperator setup for Emacs users
pvol, plight, pypres, pylendar - desktop applets written in python
rybackup - rsync based backup script with rotating backup-snapshots

I also keep some scripts on the web, maybe you'll find some of them useful. My dotfiles are available too. I mainly use GNU/Linux, so a lot of aliases could be broken in shell init files if run on BSD.

My Presario 1247 guide for TuxMobil was moved here. New additions are a guide for installing GNU/Linux on Acer Travelmate 5320, Lenovo Thinkpad SL510, HP ProBook 4320s and Lenovo Thinkpad T420i.

Most of my howto's for new GNU/Linux users I've put on the HULK wiki, so read them there (Croatian only). Some that I wrote recently (in English) are about eCryptfs, GnuPG, TOR and XRandR/Xinerama.

   Email/Jabber: anrxc|sysphere|org | PGP: 0xD20A0618 | IRC: oftc/freenode : anrxc/aic

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