01.02.2009 23:45

Awesome window manager

Desktop Screenshot FVWM was my window manager of choice for a long time. It's better described as a scripting language for writing your own window manager. The setup I used imitated the look of QNX Photon. On my laptop (a 12 inch screen Presario 1247) on the other hand I used Ion, a tiling window manager, because every inch of the screen mattered. The philosophy behind tiling window managers is best described by Ion's manifesto.

Last year my main workstation was replaced by a laptop, and I found Awesome window manager. Which quickly became my new window manager of choice. It's infamous for changing the configuration file format, and at that time it used Confuse. But now, with v3, awesome switched to Lua, which basically means that you code your own environment, making it much more powerful. Basic principles are that the window in which you are working always has focus and always gets most screen space and that everything is done with the keyboard. It's also worth mentioning that awesome is so far the only wm using XCB and that it's extremely good in managing multiple displays.

To note just a few specifics from my setup; all my widgets use wicked for registering with awesome, Zenburn colors everywhere for maximum viewing comfort, no taskbar or a menu because, again, everything is done with the keyboard, many custom prompts (Dictionary, Calculator, SSH, Manual pages...), Ion's scratchpad imitation, suspending and resuming apps (think Firefox) when running on battery... A lot of people started hacking on awesome using it, and if you are searching for ways to boost your productivity I invite you to try awesome, and use my rc.lua.

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