10.03.2009 03:57

Anathem by Neal Stephenson

Anathem is a book by Neal Stephenson, his latest, and for me his best work yet. Although after reading it again I must say that Diamond Age remains my favorite. I recommended Anathem to a few people and got positive feedback, people love it as much as I do.

Anathem book cover The story is set on another world, where scholars live apart from the rest of society. They live in concents and spend their whole lives studying mathematics, physics, mechanics, cosmology... or whatever makes them happy. This is one of my favorite concepts from the book. Through their own pursuit of knowledge the reader gets involved in numerous ideas from these fields. Of course there is a fair share of adventure, and basically what Stephenson calls "making a good yarn".

The book has around 1000 pages, as usual with Stephenson, and in the US it was distributed along with an audio CD, the music is now available on-line and it goes rather well with the book. Although you can't create a playlist, and it was a good exercise to do something about that, that's a story for another article... Since there are numerous ideas and concepts in the book some people organized a wiki for reference, it has some really good content and it's worth a visit.

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