12.03.2009 17:13

Vimperator for Emacs users

Vimperator is a Firefox extension which makes it behave like Vim text editor. It has similar key bindings and enables fast, keyboard only, web browsing. For a while there was a similar extension that targeted Emacs users, conkeror, but then they built a complete browser from it... and I lost interest. For a while I used LoL extension that provided hints, and Firemacs extension which provided Emacs like bindings, it was not bad, at all. But a recent xf86-video-intel update broke LoL, it would freeze Firefox while only trying to draw 10+ hints.

In recent months I was reading good things about vimperator almost every day so I decided to try it. After reading the manual I wrote a config file which gives me the same experience, effectively replacing; LoL, Firemacs, It's All Text, AutoHide Statusbar and Speed Dial extensions on my system (while providing many new great options). Guideline for writing it was that any combination hit by mistake does something as close as possible as it would do if you were in Emacs. Maybe hitting "B" is easier to get a buffer list but when you have "C-x C-b" burned into your fingertips it's not of much use.

In addition to re-mapping key bindings my options are solid, I decided to re-use the AwesomeBar functionality and my default search engine is YubNub, so those give me blazing fast access to whatever I need, i.e. hitting "C-x l" and typing: "aur some package", or "gim some image" ...

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