19.03.2009 17:13


My LAN is connected to a 4096/256 kbps ADSL line. With so many machines and a number of people using them to access the Internet QoS is very important. I found wondershaper some years ago, and tried with both CBQ and HTB versions and a number of modifications. Results were OK, but not perfect, I never managed to achieve the "holy grail" of latency they were talking about.

Recently I decided to try HFSC, and results were much better. What I always wanted to achieve, and now have with wshaper.hfsc:

Low latency for interactive traffic (SSH, DNS and games)
SSH sessions should never lag.
ET ping never above 60 for my brother if someone is browsing or there is an active download.
Skype, Ventrilo and VoIP should be stable
There should be no interference, has priority over browsing and data transfers.
Fast web browsing
It should be fast but it should never hurt the interactive class, and it should stay fast even during file transfers.
Uploads should not harm downloads
Avoid large queues on the DSL modem.
Bit-torrent and other P2P traffic has the lowest priority
But if some other class is idle it can borrow traffic from it.

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