22.03.2009 01:37

Takeshi Kovacs novels

I found Altered Carbon last year in my favorite bookshop, translated and published on its own. I really enjoyed it, even more so as a cyberpunk fan. It took me another year to find electronic versions of other books in Takeshi Kovacs trilogy; Broken Angels and Woken Furies, which I read this winter in a period of a few days, or nights to be more accurate. I started by re-reading Altered Carbon which, for me, in the end turned out better then the second book but not from Woken Furies which was a good finale.

Setting is some 500 years in the future, at which point humans colonized other planets. Dominant, and most interesting, concept in these books is that people don't really die anymore, as most of them have stacks in their spinal columns which store their personalities and memories. If a body dies the stack can be uploaded to a new sleeve (body). Well, there is still what they call real death, destroying the stack (and all backups of it, if any). That's where our hero, an ex envoy (elite military unit), Takeshi Kovacs comes in. He is re-sleeved on Earth and has to solve a murder case. Second book takes place some 30 years later, where Kovacs is involved in a war on some distant planet... a classic SciFi novel with interstellar warfare and aliens. While in the third book he finally returns to his home planet for a conclusion of a series. We also get to learn a lot about his early days.

I don't read a lot of SF, apart from cyberpunk novels, but this was really something. It's a mix of hard-boiled noir detective stories, cyberpunk and contemporary SF. Something in it for everyone. Richard Morgan is an author I can depend on now to tell a really good story, and his later work The Black Man (unrelated to Kovacs novels) confirms it.

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