GNU Privacy Guard

This page collects my articles on the GNU Privacy Guard (open source alternative to PGP) for beginners. GPG will help you protect your privacy, secure your e-mail and IM communication, encrypt your sensitive data, backups and more. GnuPG is a versatile tool and is extensively documented, given its size it's impossible (and unnecessary) to cover every aspect of its usage. These articles deal with practical matters (and a little bit of theory) for first time users.

1. Notes on the GNU Privacy Guard

  • Using GnuPG for the first time; basics, key generation and management, revocation
2. Application of the GNU Privacy Guard
  • Continuing with basic usage; in e-mail, IM, system backups and more
3. Application of the GPG Passphrase Agent
  • Using the GnuPG Passphrase Agent for GPG and SSH key management
4. Notes on Alpine and GnuPG
  • Using GnuPG and the Alpine e-mail client with Topal integration
5. Notes on Alpine and Topal
  • Additional notes on using the Alpine e-mail client with Topal (switching to GPG2, remote mode...)