Vimperator bindings

Here is a list of key bindings for my vimperator setup for Emacs users. In addition to navigation bindings for insert and command modes, Emacs key theme for GTK and Firefox bindings already provide all basic text editing bindings (C-e, C-a, C-w, C-d, C-k...). You can also invoke an external editor (Emacs/emacsclient) in text fields and edit your text there, once saved it will be refreshed in the text field (similar to what It's All Text extension does). If you have some ideas or you solved a usability problem please send me an e-mail.

  M-x      Enter command mode

  Emacs/readline like navigation in command and insert modes
  C-n      Down / Next / Tab
  C-p      Up / Prev / Shift-Tab
  C-f      Right / Forward
  C-b      Left / Back
  C-j      Return, in all modes

  C-f      Next tab
  C-b      Prev tab
  C-a      Go to absolute left of the document
  C-e      Go to absolute right of the document
  C-p      One line up on a page
  C-n      One line down on a page
  C-v      Jump scroll down
  M-v      Jump scroll up
  M-<      Go-to the top of the document
  M->      Go-to the end of the document

  C-s      Search forward
  C-r      Search backwards

  M-w      Copy current URL to the clipboard
  C-w      Copy selected text to the clipboard
  C-y      Paste current clipboard selection/URL to a new buffer

  C-g      Cancel, in all modes
  C-q      Stop

  C-x k    Kill a buffer
  C-_      Undo close tab
  C-S-t    The same, because:
  C-t open a new tab

  C-x C-c  Quit and save the session

  C-x b    Switch buffer prompt
  C-x C-b  Buffer list

  C-x l    Open one or more URLs
  C-x t    Open one or more URLs in a new tab
  C-x C-v  Use current URL as a start for a new location

  Hints switched to "j" for right hand usage, and to free up "f" for history
  j        Open a hint in the same page
  Shift-j  Open a hint in a new tab
  M-j      Extended hint mode

  Shift-f  Go forward in history
  Shift-b  Go back in history (Backspace is mapped the same)

  C-i      Invoke an external editor (Emacs/emacsclient), when in a text field
  C-h i    Invoke help

  C-x (    Record a key sequence into a macro
  C-x e    Play a macro

  C-x r m  Set a mark at the cursor
  C-x r b  Jump to the mark

  C-d      Pass next command, then we can also map to default FF bindings:
  C-x C-f  "Open File" dialog
  C-x C-s  "Save file" dialog

  My personal bindings
  M-Up/Dn  Toggle the toolbar and scrollbars

  s        Sidebar selection
  Shift-s  Close a sidebar
  d        Dialog selection

  C-l      Focus the address bar
  C-c i    Focus last used input field

  C-c a    Bookmark page (dialog)
  C-c q    Bookmarks search
  C-c w    Bookmarks search by tag

  C-c g    View source
  C-c p    Open picture/image location
  C-c m    Open the context menu

  C-c f    Open home directory
  C-c h    Go-to home page
  C-c u    Go-to parent directory
  C-c C-u  Go-to the root of the website
  C-c C-r  Restart Firefox

  My plugin bindings
  C-c b    Toggle buftabs
  C-c s    Toggle NoScript temporary permissions
  C-c S    Toggle NoScript popup menu
  C-c t    Create a TinyURL of the current URL