Zenburn themes

Desktop Screenshot Here is a list of my Zenburn themes and tweaks, and a description of how I use them. From the above screenshot; Emacs theme and rxvt-unicode colors were already available on the Zenburn home page. Those were the two most important to me, but I had to color everything else to really benefit from it's low-contrast color scheme.

1. Starting with the awesome window manager theme, it is now available on a number of different places. Maybe it would be best to grab it from the awesome wiki page. Note that from awesome 3.4 it will be a part of the standard distribution.

2. Alpine is my mailer of choice so a theme for it was one of the first I did, take a look at my .pinerc for the color setup. I also have a gallery dedicated to it so you can see how various parts of Alpine look using those colors.

3. I was interested in having Zenburn in the console too, but didn't want to use ctheme, so I came up with a workaround in my shell init file.

4. I made a very basic Zenburn vimperator color scheme. Mostly based on the color-theme-zenburn for Emacs, so that the modeline/statusbar and command lines match on my system. Why would I use Vimperator? See my vimperator setup for Emacs users.

5. Recently I was testing a new terminal emulator, ROXTerm, and wrote a zenburn theme in the process.

5. My Gajim has Zenburn, but it's not simple to achieve and share, you can see the full explanation here. From my short excursion into purple land the Pidgin zenburn scheme was born (used with the GTK+ theme plugin).

7. Emacs Zenburn theme is used trough the ColorTheme package. It has faces for many modes but didn't have any org-mode faces. I patched color-theme-zenburn.el to include org-mode faces and I submitted the patch to the theme author. Note that it took a while but eventually got included in the standard theme.

8. I still use many X apps like xmessage, xman, xclipboard, xdiary... which also use colors from Zenburn, my .Xdefaults has settings for them and a good number of other apps too.