27.07.2009 04:26

The Secret Supper

I read some really good books recently, great stories from Spanish authors. I'll mention the last one first. The Secret Supper by Javier Sierra is a wonderful crypto treat. I really enjoyed the story, and all the "secret" messages and early steganography made it into something special. Since Leonardo Da Vinci plays a big role in the book many people associated the work with Dan Brown and The Da Vinci Code - this book is nothing like it, it functions on a completely different level.

In January of 1497, Fray Augustin Leyre, a Dominican Inquisitor and an expert on the interpretation of secret messages is sent to supervise Leonardo Da Vinci's last touches to The Last Supper painting. He was sent by Alejandro VI who had heard that Da Vinci was painting the twelve apostles without their halo of sanctity, that the chalice was missing, and that Leonardo had painted himself in the painting with his back to Jesus. This could have sent him to the inquisition. Why then did he do this?

Was Leonardo Da Vinci a heretic?

I felt that some of the puzzles were a bit easily solved, but I still enjoyed each one. Spending some time with Leonardo, and getting inside the greatest mind that ever lived was also a great experience. I found a good resource while reading the book, using the Arounder you can see the panoramic view of both the church Santa Maria delle Grazie and The Last Supper painting.

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